Chinkara (Hiran)​​

Chinkara (Hiran)

Chinkara (Gazella Benettii) is still Common in the Harian –Majiji Valley (Estimated about 50-75) and in the Northen Plains in Particular the areas of Daud Bhent-Sumro –Bhent and the Confluence area of Kacho River and Arra River. Small remnant Population are reported from Several areas (e.g Machi –Puchri Guran Valley East of Tranch, Kowar foothills and Plains N. of Dhurn) Critical low numbers are reported from Sapat –phore valley and upper Sham-Machi Mountain .

Chinkara 10

A good population of Chinkara is reported From outside the park in Ballard area west of the Ras Mallan Headlands, in the Coastal Plains of Ormara.