Marsh Crocodile​​

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The Marsh Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) is listed as interNational ThreatenedSpecies. It is a fresh water crocodile, but enters occasionally in brackish water areas. Itsoriginal distribution is Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Iran.

The Hingol population is probably some 30-50 individuals that survive in the fewpermanent pools and running waters of the Hingol and Nal Rivers, is reported evenfurther writing essay upstream the Hingol-Nal River up to Jhao, north of the Park. The main parkpopulation is found around Aghore to Mullah Bhent and North of Pol Dhat in the HingolNal River. Ephemeral pools in the Arra, Mar and Parken Rivers are also inhabited.

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The crocodile can gowithout food for extended periods, said to be more than a year.