Wildlife Of Hingol National Park 


The current list of terrestrial mammals for Hingol National Park comprises about 30 species, including a few that need further confirmation. In particular the distribution of species of Foxes, Hares, Hedgehogs and Birds needs to be sorted out.

The park has a relative high diversity of species for this type of desert environment. However, the population of a number of species is critically low including Leopard, Hyena, and possibly of Caracal and Honey Badger. Populations of Chinkara are common in the Harian Valley and the Northern Plains but vulnerable.

The most recent sightings of wolf are from a few years back and no recent sightings have been for Wolf obtained to confirm the survival of the Desert Wolf in the park. The population is either critically low or the last individuals have been recently killed. The status of the following species needs to be studied in more detail to assess their survival changes, their current distribution within the park and the population densities Urial, Chinkara, Desert Wolf, Leopard, Caracal, Hyena, Wild Boar, Honey Badger.